Helen Starkey, after training with me consistently for 12 weeks, with diet advice and two training sessions a week, lost just over 2 stone.


"Initially sceptical about the concept of a personal trainer, I now find I can't really put into words what jess has done for me. Aside from drastically improving my health, fitness and strength, Jess has given me the skills and confidence to not only walk into a gym and hold my own, but to push myself further than I ever thought possible. A session with Jess doesn't end when you walk out of the gym, it's much more than that with a personalised independent program, nutritional advice and motivational messages to keep you on track. I cannot recommend Jess enough if you are looking to make life changes and improve every aspect of your health and wellbeing, in a program tailored to your needs. My two stone weight loss over twelve weeks is proof that she knows what she is talking about and will help you to achieve your goals whatever they may be!"

Holly Tillotson, after 10 weeks training with me:

"I could not recommend Jess highly enough, if it wasn't for her I'd probably be a stone heavier rather than a stone lighter. Her gym sessions combined with meal plans and constant motivation are fantastic and if you're wanting to feel healthier and better about yourself Jess is perfect!"

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Jessica Bartlett 2015