Diet and Training Programs - Online Training

For clients with a busy work or life schedule, who struggle to fit in time for training or personal training sessions, I now offer a great new service which is guaranteed to help you keep on track of your training. This is made up of an online personal training service which includes a text and call service. There is no need to set a time or place for your session - you do it in your own time! 

The program offers: 

A new work out made for your needs and goals, updated and sent to you every 4 weeks with different sessions on EVERY day set. 

A diet plan, adjusted as needed every month to suit you. 

Text / call / email service to keep checking you are keeping on track every other day. 

A great way for busy clients to stay focused on their training when they are on the go 24 - 7. 

Per month: £40 

12 weeks: £110 

Yearly package: £400 

If you are interested, please contact me to discuss further. 

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