Winter exercise tips

Winter exercise tips

Winter is upon us. Don't give up on exercise! Here are a few tips to help keep yourself motivated over the winter months..

Hydration - staying hydrated is just as important in winter as it is in summer.. Remember your body loses fluids via sweating, respiration and production of urine so be sure to hydrate before, during and after your workouts.

Embrace the weather - instead of avoiding the cold, get outside and embrace training outdoors with the fresh air and open space! Lunchtime is the perfect time to go for a quick jog round the park and give you a great afternoon boost for your mind and your body. Look forward to a nice cup of sugar free cocoa once you've finished your workout!

Set some goals - goals help keep you focused and motivated, even more so in the winter. Whether it be losing 10lbs or getting fit for a 10k, make sure you choose a goal that you REALLY want to do, that will stretch you outside of your usual comfort zone but is still acheivable.

Hire a PT - if you really still can't get motivated, why not hire a trainer to give you that extra push and keep you on track?!

Jessica Bartlett 2015