Getting results

Getting results and progressing in your training

If you have been training with me for quite some time and feel like youʼre not getting the results you expected, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself, and to be completely honest about. I am your trainer and I make sure to give you sessions that are suited to your fitness and ability level, pushing you as and when you need it. If you are not putting in the work on your own, and only seeing me once or twice a week, you will not see results as much as you would probably hope.

Below are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Have a think about whether you can truthfully answer them and whether you are putting in 100% into your training and diet.


• are you training hard enough on your own?

• are you changing your cardio regularly?

• are you giving 100%?

• is your form and technique correct?


• are you honestly eating healthy? do you have more “junk” food than you realise?

• are you eating in restaurants too often? restaurants will add more oils and sugars than you expect and calories add up unknowingly

• are you having too much salt in your diet? (can lead to water retention)

• do you have too much sugar?

• are you spacing your meals out during the day? and are you eating more frequent smaller meals rather than just three big meals a day?

• are you drinking enough water? 2 litres or more per day?

• how much alcohol are you drinking? we all know that alcohol is empty calories and has no nutritional benefits.

• are you drinking too many fizzy drinks or juices? Do you have more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day with sugar?

If you feel like you need more help with any of these issues, please get in touch. I have diet programs that will help, as long as you can stick to them. In the case that you are doing everything correctly, but still not seeing results, I suggest you see your doctor and ask for a thyroid and hormone profile blood test.

Jessica Bartlett 2015